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December 5, 2013

Keys soap, if it can be called that – it does not feel like a soap on the skin, it feels more like a liquid moisturizer that cleans. I would like to take a minute to thank the creator of Keys Soap. I’m a barber and have been for 27 years and every winter I go through red and dried out hands and knuckles, because I wash my hands about 20 plus times a day.  Recently, a customer I’ve known for years sat in my chair and I immediately noticed his skin was different and asked what he was using.  He said Keys Soap. I said what? He explained about their soaps and said they have a hand soap called Galleyon.  I tried it and have fallen in love with a soap! My hands look and feel great, no more red knuckles or itchy, dried out hands. I can’t thank you enough; I think the inventor is on to something here!!!  My sample package of Keys soaps came with a bottle of Island Rx and my customer said to let my son try it for his face to aid in his break-outs.  Although being a teenager and not doing every thing his mom says, he has noticed a difference in his complexion, and the out-breaks are not as intense and this is only after a month. Thank-you, Wendy, for your husband!!!

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