Keys CO-OP Program

Keys CO-OP is a program for our customers that also have an entrepreneurial spirit. In other words, the program is a Keys Co-opportunity for you.  It is like a buyers club and is not a multi-level marketing scheme.

We have created a program that permits our customers to buy at a special price and resell to their friends and family. Keys lovers can now make some money by reselling our products and get a nice discount for everything they want for themselves.

The rules are strict but straightforward.

You get a 35% discount on everything you purchase and 50% Off Sachet Samples if you follow the rules:

  • You must be registered on the website (Click Here if you are not)

  • Must purchase $250 or more for each order

  • All sales by credit card only

  • Shipments must be to your address. No dropshipping!

  • Shipping Charges are additional.  
  • Must resell directly to friends and family

  • No online or eCommerce sales. Meaning, none! No eBay, No Amazon, no Etsy!

  • No Returns! We expect that you will sample the products so that people will have a chance to smell and try it!

If you agree to this, fill out the following form and submit it to us. If approved, 

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