We originally added our full labels to the product detail pages on our store.  Our customers asked if they could see and compare all of the labels in one place.  So, we removed them from the detail product pages and placed them here.

The images below art directly from the label art.  They have been reduced to 60% of their original size.  They can be viewed at 100% scale by clicking on them.  These will open in a new window.  These will open in a new window.  If you desire, you can right click and “save as” the enlarged image.  The resolution is sufficient for web use or print publication.  Images are copyright Keys Care.  Contact customerservice@keys-soap.com for a permission form for commercial use.

It is also important to note that many of our containers are manufactured in the EU which requires that all packaging be recyclable.  This includes label material and inks that are used to make the labels.  Many of these containers do not have US style recycle marks in the molds, so we have begun to add recycle logos to all of our labels.  This will take some time because we do not want to scrap material.  As we update labels, they will appear below with the green recycle mark.  Eventually, all products will have the marks added to the labels.  Further, all of our labels are recyclable and we use vegetable based inks.

As a note, we would prefer to use glass for all of our products.  The major reason we do not is US liability laws regarding glass and personal care products.

As new technology becomes available, we will always favor more earth friendly containers.  Everything we use is recyclable and we do see even more earth friendly packaging on the horizon.

Keys Product Labels

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KPRO Product Labels

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KODA Product Labels

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  1. Hi Sheri,

    If you go to our store and click on the Try Me category, it will take you to the sample page. The sachets are ample size and are sold at below our cost. These also qualify for first class lower cost shipping.

    I hope this helps.



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