Keys Touches The Entire Family

September 23, 2014

My family and I use ALL the Keys products and we are possessively attached to each and everyone of them (even the dogs are!) I cannot laud

the formulations enough……..beautiful, functional, wonderful to apply, etc.

But I wanted to especially highlight your truly amazing Solar RX which we all use during the day, throughout the year!

In May of this year my husband was diagnosed with Lymphoma, underwent chemo therapy and 3 weeks of daily radiation. His oncologist briefed him on side effects and skin problems, most commonly associated with radiation therapy and he was asked to list which product(s) he is using on his skin and especially on his face and neck, where the radiation is directed. My husband told the DRs. and nurses that he uses Keys Solar RX and Luminos at night…….

Nearing the end of his treatment, the oncologists were examining my husband’s skin, checking for the telltale signs of dryness, roughness and scaly skin patches near the place of this lymph nodes in the neck area and found smooth, supple and healthy skin instead, due to his use of Keys Solar RX. and Luminos at night. The nurses and doctors alike were amazed and very impressed with the results of his now years of using these Keys products and proclaimed them truly remarkable and worthy of great praise!

I am grateful for each and every formulation Keys makes and myself have loved using the Solar RX ever since it came on the Market.

Thank you for all your great products (just became a huge fan of your NEW Silken shampoo!) and the dogs thank you too for their Omni Shield and their foam shampoo which we use on muddy paws after walks.

Thank you all so very much!


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