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August 1, 2018

I first reached out to KEYS products to solve a few minor but chronic skin conditions. I am 60 years old and have only experienced these conditions in the last few years.
I had three concerns. 1) Chronic dry itchy spots. 2) Facial skin sensitivity and break out that was also dry in nature. 3) Meibomitis. (Meibomitis is defined as a dysfunction and inflammation of the sebaceous glands on the eyelid margins (meibomian glands) which causes a reduced production of oily substance needed to keep the eye lubricated.)
I had already tried a lot of other skin products. I was hoping that the KEYS products would do better.
The KEY products have not only treated my problems but have improved my skin beyond any of my hopes or expectations!
My dry and otherwise irritated skin patches have disappeared. The MetaCare lotion was immediately soothing and long term effective.
The Island X Facial Cleanser has done wonders for balancing the skin health on my eyelids. A key treatment for meibomitis is daily cleansing of the eyelids but only Island X has been able to cleanse my lids without drying them out too much. I also use the Eye Butter on the main portion of my eyelid and let it migrate onto my eye lids through body heat. The cream is helping my eyelids without irritating them in a way no other products have before. I still need to use a prescription treatment ointment occasionally to keep the symptoms in check but I am optimistic that my need for it will continue to decrease.
I wasn’t expecting or focusing on an overall improvement in my facial skin but have been delighted at my results. My face has taken on a glow and radiance I haven’t seen in it for years. It is softer and smoother to the touch. The Luminos moisturizer and the Tinted Correction Cream send me happily on my day with no need for foundation. I love the Reflex ProBiome Serum and notice positive changes in my skin tone and texture. I have only been using the products two months and my facial skin just keeps looking better and better.
Thank you for creating such wonderful products.
Lorie Burger

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