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For our tens years, we have received so many testimonials that make us laugh, cry and pause.  Your testimonials are heavy heavy fuel for our team.  Everyone at Keys comes to work everyday inserting their positive intention into our products. Learning what our products, blogs, services and thoughts have done for you is not only a great motivation, it serves as inspiration for our new product development.  So, tell us what you feel and think.  No impression is too small.  They all weigh the same to us.

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  1. Hi Pam,

    For the most part, a humectant draws ambient moisture toward the lower layers of the skin by combining with other key ingredients to permeate the skin with water. The nature of live skin cells is to retain water which is why it is so important to drink approximately one ounce of water for every pound of body weight each day. Vegetable glycerin that is oil based like ours combines with Shea and other oils to moisturize by sealing the skin to retain moisture. The humectant also serves to draw moisture from the air to keep the lotion semi-liquified.

    All said, there are ingredients in the market considered to be a humectant that do dehydrate. They include glycols (PEGs) or even some vegetable glycerin that contain PEGs. Some humectants have constituant ingredients that include silica and alcohol. These types do tend to draw moisture from the skin.

    I hope this is clear and helpful. In short, not all humectants are equal nor have the same properties.

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