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Avo Jel vs. Petroleum Jelly for Sports

Keys Avo Jel is just a couple of months old and it has already taken the triathlon, running, biking, swimming and surfing community to a new level. Replacing petroleum jelly, our customers have shared with us how they use Avo Jel. In this article, we talk about over a dozen of the most popular uses. [Read More]

Functions and Uses

The Triathlete & Keys New Jel Products

We developed Keys Alternative Naturals for people who need vegan and chemical-free products that perform and replace drug store brand products like Vaseline®, Bengay® and others. Among the markets for these new products are for people who compete in strenuous events that need protection for rashes, chafing and other skin disorders. This is one such story about a triathlete and how he used Keys products before, during and after his race. [Read More]


Keys Virtual Literature

Keys Virtual Literature In an effort to use less paper and lower operating cost, we have created this Keys Virtual Literature portal.  Hover for the title/  Please click on the images to view. Keys Virtual Literature Flipbooks By click the icons below, you will be taken to a page that shows the literature in read-order and in flipbook format Keys Avo Jel The vegan replacement for petroleum jelly Keys Alternative Naturals Vegan replacement for petroleum jelly based OTC products Keys Skincare & Therapy Products Keys natural chemical-free skin health products that are functional and effective. KODA Dog Products from Keys Keys natural chemical-free skin health products that are functional and effective for dogs.  These include both topical and internal functional products. Keys Literature Archives Older literature that is relevant

Chemical-Free Skin Health Book

The American Organic Hustle – Understanding The Misunderstood

A customer contacted Keys Customer Service with three fundamental questions. The questions are mostly about being organic and safety as well as functionality. I have the answers, and they might not be what you think.

They Asked:

  1. I am thinking of getting Keys MetaClean Healing Soap & Shampoo, it says there is >85% organic content, what is the rest that is not organic in this shampoo?

2. When you list on the right the vitamins/actions, are you indicating that the actual ingredient is providing those vitamins, for example, Avocado Oil gives Retinol vitamin or is Retinol separate from the Avocado Oil?

3. What is it in here that can be unsafe for some individuals since it is not complete 0 on safe scale

Read my answers in our latest article on Clean Green Cafe.

organic [Read More]


Chapter 1 – First Understand!

Understanding Your Skin’s MicroBiome and Keys Probiome® Products Prologue by Bob Root, Keys Scientist & Founder When I began to write my book, Chemical-Free Skin Health, I was struck early on how oblivious the medical community was about the emerging science of the microbiome of the skin.  I ventured to talk to the scientists at the National Institutes of Health Microbiome Project and marveled at how sound their thinking and data was about the skin and skin disorders.  Simply, I feel that skin disease is a disturbance in our skin’s microbiome and nurturing the microbiome will reverse skin disease. First, the skin’s microbiome is our skin’s community.  It is the environment in which our skin lives.  Like people, when the community is a strong happy place, so are the people.  This is true of the skin as well.  When conditions are right, the skin is healthy and happy.  When conditions are [Read More]