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Keys PurPlay Personal Lubricants – For Dryness & Pleasure

I really want you to try PurPlay.  We are very excited about the product and we are placing it on sale for 20% Off through the rest of the year.

Almost from the beginning of Keys, 15 years ago, women have privately asked me for a personal lubricant product. Most complained about dryness while some wanted enhanced performance.

Lubes have not changed for decades. Water-based glycol and silicone lubes just don’t last, dry, and often hurt. Lubes with menthol or lidocaine are not the answer.

PurPlay oils last for hours with just one application. PurPlay Classic was developed for those with dryness issues. PurPlay Surf, and Astra were designed to enhance the experience using herbs that pleasure, relax or stimulate in new exciting ways.… ---Read More!


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November & December Sales

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  • Get 20% Off All PurPlay Personal Lubricants.  Click Here or Go To the PurPlay Products Button.  Offer Expires December 31, 2019 at Midnight.

These are Keys Promotions – Ongoing

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PurPlay Condoms Safe

An actor friend called me to tell me her engineer boyfriend said he couldn’t use condoms with PurPlay. Why did I ask? He read somewhere that oil-based personal lubricants should not work with condoms. Not True!

PurPlay is avocado and coconut oil, not petroleum or chemical based. Petroleum oils have solvents in them that can degrade latex and other synthetic condoms. Not good to generalize. PurPlay oils do not deteriorate.

PurPlay® line of personal lubricants provide the highest form of sensitivity and work with the majority of condoms available. PurPlay Classic, PurPlay Surf, and PurPlay Astra use the same base lubricant.

Good to Go!

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