Tortuga UNREAL!!!!!

Tortuga UNREAL!!!!!
January 7, 2014

I wish your site had a tab to write reviews. I have been using Tortuga, and I have no idea why it took me so long, that stuff is UNREAL!!!!! I wish I knew what you all did different since it is pretty much the same ingredients as luminos (except for sage oil & aloe vera), but much more emollient. My hands have been literally transformed! They look years younger and are SO deeply moisturized that sometimes I don’t even need to use it and that is saying A LOT since I wash my hands constantly and we are in a harsh winter right now (single digits!!) It’s amazing how deep the moisture of Tortuga is carried and absorbed into the skin. I even use it on my face when the temps drop down and it also deeply moisturizes and dramatically softens my crows feet. If your site had a tab for reviews we could all use it and more people who have not used these amazing products would be able to read about them. I also love your try me packs so I can share them with my friends who have not used them. One of my friends has been struggling with some bad health issues for the past 3 years and her skin has been affected pretty badly and she (as well as her teenage daughter) say that all the “natural” products they use make their skin break out or dry up so I gave them some of my try me packs and they said they have never ever used anything more awesome (their words) and in just three days my friends skin was looking & feeling so much better than it ever has! That is amazing considering the kind of health issues she has had to face and how frustrated she was becoming. She said she would be placing an order soon for her & her daughter. I posted on my facebook about KPRO and one of our friends saw it bought them and she LOVES them so that is why my friend asked me about them and I was able to give her try me packs (though none from the KPRE line).

Sorry so long! Keep making amazing products that change peoples lives:)


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