MetaCare – New Customer

MetaCare – New Customer
February 4, 2020

Hi Mickey,

I first want to say the personal contact and concern is wonderful.

I am so happy with your products.  I have “liked” your FB page and shared it on my timeline.
I wish I had taken some before pictures, but who wants to take pictures of themselves when they look like…you know!

I was feeling the meta care was a little strong to use all the time…but I am using it at night.  The meta care cream is vanishing ugly things that have been on my skin for years.  It is shrinking skin tags, it cleared a blackhead that was on my chest in one day!  The big red blotching spots I had on my cheeks are gone.  I am working on a Mole “barnacle” that is on my back…also a rough spot of skin between my breasts.  It is also working wonders on my sun damaged chest.
I Love the eye butter and have been using it around my mouth too.  I have some deep wrinkles at the corners of my mouth and a scar on my upper lip…the corners of my mouth are softer and I am not using lip balm like it is going out of style!  it is helping shrink the bags under my eyes.  I was told I had blepharitis and it seems to have cured it and the stye that was on my eye lid.  ( had a rough start this year)

I started using the Island RX cleanser and Luminos moisturizer in the mornings for day ware with the eye butter!  No burn at all…no real redness after applying…wonderful!

I bought your body wash and body lotion too.  I can see a difference in the tone of my skin…not so loose with those little lines we get from aging!
I want to get your shampoo next…I tried a sample and really liked the “squeekie Clean”  feeling and my hair had more body!

I would like to ask you if you can recommend a line of facial make up the is as pure as your products?  I am hoping to get away from facial make up if I can (because we have been conditioned to think we need it) LOL!

Love what you are making…thank you.

I will be letting my world know about what you make.