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Functions and Uses

Keys products have many uses and functions.  When we develop a new product it is designed to solve problems and make people feel good.  We use pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients in therapeutic proportions to create products with functionality.  This functionality is broad and reaches across various parts of the body and often crosses over to pets.  This series of articles in this category is designed to feature the uses of the products.  This is how and why I design.

Omni – Skin Elixir

Below the description is a table showing many of the uses of Omni.

Omni is a technology term derived from the Latin word Omnis meaning “all.” When we began to develop AquaVit, it became clear that our Arianne ingredient had wonderful properties. Omni was originally being developed with an ingredient we named Miras. Miras is a special ingredient that comes from the fruit of the Forsythia plant and has very high levels of Oleanolic which is known to have many healing and cleansing properties for the skin without harming the skins probiotic EcoSystem.

To create Ariane, we blend & distill whole organic orange, lime, cranberry, cucumber, juniper berry, star anise, cassia cinnamon, anise seed, ginger and clove. Miras is created by blending the fruit, leaves and roots of the Forsythia plant to create a blend that is very high in Betulinic and Oleanolic . Betulinic is a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid which has anti-retroviral and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a more recently discovered potential as an anticancer agent. Oleanolic or oleanic is a naturally occurring triterpenoid, widely distributed in food and medicinal plants, related to betulinic

What you can expect is framed in the products name, Omni. Omni can be used anywhere on the body with a widening expectation of results for various skin conditions. Because of the wide variety of facets about the product, we originally tested it as a relief for burns, scrapes, cuts and rashes. We test by asking a group of our customers that want to be testers for our products. When we sent it to them, they started to come back with all sorts of testimonials that included skin conditioning, dandruff relief, acne relief, anti-itch and scar healing. We even had some of our testers use it for sore throat, gum problems and allergy based itchy skin. Although we only recommend Omni for skin issues, we continue to hear uses pouring in from our customers.

Omni has natural anti allergen features as well. Eyes that are irritated by pollen, danader and other allergens receive an cooling effect when you spray Onmni around the eyes (not in the eye). These natural and made allergens cling to the skin around the eye causing itching of the soft tissue. Omni appears to have a great natural anti aging benefit because the Oleanolic has known positive effects on aging skin or UV damaged tissue . With Omni you get younger looking skin without the itching during allergy season.

”Omni has been in development since we started Keys. Time, science and pure resolve by our design team have brought this concept of a natural broad spectrum relief product to the market. At first, I was amazed at all the things people said it would do. Now I just ask them to tell me what is does not do. I simply love Omni as just a facial refresher. The scent is spicy with tones of exotic orange and sweet sage. I spray it on when I am tired, itchy or feel dry. It is very exotic and yet very simple” Wendy Steele , Key CEO and Founder

Keys Omni Spray Elixir

Here are some of the many uses for Omni Spray
Primary PurposeElixirSpray Omni anywhere to relieve skin irritations and to tone the skinFull functional botanical extract
EyesDry EyesSpray Omni around the eyes creating a fine even mist on the skinIn most cases, Omni will not sting the eyse or cause any irritation
EyesAllergiesWash around the eyes with a natural soap. While wet spray Omni over closed eyes. Let dry and repeat as itching occurs
EyesItchy around eye tissueClose eyes and spray on the eyelids and around the eye.Seems to reduce itching and dryness without having to reapply too frequently. Does not seem to rebound after stopping
LipsSunburned LipsSpray Omni on the lips and let dry. Follow with Eye Butter or Tortuga Lotion
LipsBurning Lips SyndromeBurning lip and mouth syndrome has been suggested to be food related. (pine nuts). Spray Omni on the lips and let dry. Repeat when any sensation returnsCustomers and Keys team have reported success. It is not a 100% solution because the cause has not been found.
ScalpItchy ScalpWash hair with a natural shampoo. Rinse with cider vinegar. Spray with Omni and let dry naturallyIf you blow dry hair, use a cool setting to dry and spray Omni. Then cool dry again.
ScalpDandruffWash with Island Rx or Mangrove. Rinse with cider vinegar and condition with a natural oil based conditioner. Do not rinse out. Spray with Omni and let dry.Repeat this process every other day. Use Tortuga as a leave-in oil tratement weekly.
SkinSkin DisordersSpray Omni on rashes, eczema, psoriasis directly and let dry.Repeat as frequently as needed
SkinDeodorantSpray Omni on areas where bacteria can accumulate. Seems to last about 8+ hours depending on heat and humidityHas some antiperpirant properties without the use of aluminum chlorhydrate
SkinSunburnSpray on burned areas. Best used after a cool shower and let air dryCan be repeated until burn subsides
SkinScrapes & abrasionsSpray Omni on the affected area to releive the hurt.There are a wide range of antiseptic properties depending on the nature of the hurt.
MouthSores & burning mouthCustomers have reported that cold sores and burning mouth syndrome have been reduced and relieved in some people.We have tested this internally using practical application without scientific testing procedures. Seems to work.
PetsEye AllergiesSpray around the pets eyes to moisturize and reduce bacteria levelsPets do not like spraying around their eyes unless they are used to it. We also recommend using a Q-Tip or soft sponge/cotton ball to dab around the eyes.
PetsHot SpotsFor light small spots, spray Omni directly on the effected areaRediCare is the primary product to use. Omni has less of a potency for small areas and will not cause the pet to focus on the area.

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