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Keys Cross Solar Rx

Keys products have always had many uses.  These uses are Cross-Functional hence the name of this new category called Keys Cross.

Over our ten years, our customers have told us at seminars, book signings and online of how they use our products.  Every product we make may seem simple based on the ingredients, yet each are active products that have a purpose and multiple uses.  Our ingredients all fall into a class known to the natural remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners as functional ingredients.  Simply, they do something and have cross-functional uses. Combined, they become a very big tool for alternative medicine remedies and alternate uses.

Entire books have been written on the multi-functional uses of simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to name just two.  Keys products also have multiple purposes and uses to solve problems an make people feel good.  Often these uses crossover into other areas and are good for dogs, horses etc.  These crossover products start to expand the applications in both broader and deeper scenarios making it difficult to capture and to publish.



SRX5163155b15de8.jpgSolar Rx  Moisturizer with SPF

Primary Purpose:  The main use of Solar Rx Moisturizer with Sun Protection to to protect the skin from damaging UVA and UVB radiation from the sun while providing a daytime moisturizer.  Solar Rx uses uncoated zinc oxide to provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  UVA are the aging rays while UVB are the burning rays.

Solar Rx

There are many uses for Solar Rx beyond the primary purpose of a moisturizer with SPF. Here are uses for our product that customers have told us about.
ProductShort DescriptionDetailed DescriptionContributor
Solar RXPrimary PurposeSolar Rx is a moisturizer that provides protection from UVA and UVB radiation from the sun. It protects the skin while increasing the emollience. Keys
Solar RXRash TreatmentMy doctor prescribed a zinc oxide cream with 6% uncoated zinc oxide for a skin irritation. Very expensive and full of junk. My friend suggested using Solar Rx and it has 20.5% uncoated zinc oxide and all natural ingredients. It worked!Margret
Solar RXRosaceaI rubbed Solar Rx into my psoriasis outbreaks and within a couple of weeks, they were almost gone.Nancy
Solar RXAcneMy friend told me to wash with Keys Island Rx soap. another friend said to use Solar Rx at night. I saw the results in the first few day.Tom
Solar RXDiaper RashNoticed that Boudreaux's Butt Paste had zinc oxide, but chemicals as well. I used Solar Rx with almost instant results.Jeanne
Solar RXWelding UV ProtectionI weld exotic metals at a US National Laboratory. The welding technique produces UVA, UVB and UVC radiation. I use Solar Rx to protect my face even though I wear a protective shield. I feel extra protected and my skin feels and looks great.Terry
Solar RXMelasmaI had large brown patches on my neck from perfume I believe. Read that the American Dermatological Society said zinc oxide cream would help. I used Solar Rx and withing two month it is barely still their, but no where nearly as noticeable.Joan
Solar RXAge SpotsI have age spots on the backs of my hands from the sun. Not only did Solar Rx fade the spots, but my hands look years youngerMary
Solar RXEczemaRead about zinc for eczema and Solar Rx worked by rubbing it in until the skin warms. It got rid of the scaly patches and rednessStephen


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Bob "Beaker"

Keys Founder & Chief Technologist. Author: Chemical-Free Skin Health® , Defining Moments


  1. SOLAR is one my of my fave Keys products and I have also used it for age spots and eczema. It works very well. I’m so glad you have these amazing products. I plan to write about them on my blog.

    • Hi Vanessa,

      Thanks for the comment.

      Solar Rx also works well where zinc oxide ointments or cream are called out. The uncoated ZnO has all the same therapy properties as ointments and cream, but has 20.5% where most have only 5% or 6%.

      Yes, it does a very good job of slowly fading age spots because of the pure avocado oil. The trick is to stay out of the sun so you are not battling the work of the Solar Rx.


    • Hi Robyn,

      It depends on the dog. Most people use the sunblock on the nose especially for pink skin dogs. It can also be use where the skin is exposed. Please note that chemical sunscreens will not work for dogs. It must be a sunblock using zinc oxide.

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