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Keys Cross RediCare Healing Spray

Keys products have always had many uses.  These uses are Cross-Functional hence the name of this new category called Keys Cross.

Over our ten years, our customers have told us at seminars, book signings and online of how they use our products.  Every product we make may seem simple based on the ingredients, yet each are active products that have a purpose and multiple uses.  Our ingredients all fall into a class known to the natural remedies and Ayurvedic Medicine practitioners as functional ingredients.  Simply, they do something and have cross-functional uses. Combined, they become a very big tool for alternative medicine remedies and alternate uses.

Entire books have been written on the multi-functional uses of simple ingredients like baking soda and vinegar to name just two.  Keys products also have multiple purposes and uses to solve problems an make people feel good.  Often these uses crossover into other areas and are good for dogs, horses etc.  These crossover products start to expand the applications in both broader and deeper scenarios making it difficult to capture and to publish.



Keys Cross RediCare Natural Healing Spray

RediCare Therapeutic Spray
RediCare Therapeutic Spray

Primary Purpose:  RediCare is a all-natural insect repellant that wards off over 200 different insects.  It is a sprayable lotion that adds essential oils, extracts and botanicals to be efficacious and a lotion base similar to our Tortuga lotion to provide a moisturizing action that soothes and softens the skin instantly.  Because it is sprayable and has the vast array of botanicals, it has many many uses

Redicare - Natural Healing Spray

There are many uses for RediCare beyond the primary purpose as a insect repellant. Here are uses for our product that customers have told us about.
ProductShort DescriptionDetailed DescriptionContributor
RediCarePrimary PurposeRediCare was originally developed as an insect repellant that also soothes skin irritations.Keys
RediCareAntiseptic SprayI have used RediCare as a bug spray for a while and had a bad infection-like outbreak on my arm that I think was caused by bacteria. I sprayed the RediCare and immediately the itching went away. Next morning the redness was gone.Amy
RediCareAntibacterial sprayI Googled the ingredients in RediCare and realized that many had antibacterial properties. I use RediCare instead of the chemical antibacterial soaps and wipes to stay away from the chemicals. My skin looks great, feels good and I am happy I am not using bad stuff on my skin.Paul
RediCareQuick Anti-inflammatoryHad a red rash on my leg that was very inflamed. I sprayed on RediCare and in just a few minutes, the redness was gone and no more burningJim
RediCareAftershave balmAfter shaving with Mangrove, I spray RediCare on my face and neck. I rub it in and it feels cool and soothing. Afterwards my skin is soft and the razor bumps have disappeared.Richard
RediCareAnti-itch sprayIn the spring when things begin to bloom, my skin itches like crazy. I spray on RediCare and the itch is gone. It acts like a lotion that smooths my skin and I love the lemongrass smell.Diane
RediCareSoothes BurnsI am a saute chef and I get burned from time to time. I have RediCare next to my station and use it immediately. Within minutes, I have relief and have never blisteredMitch
RediCareMoisturizing SprayAfter the shower, I spray RediCare all over my damp skin and let it dry naturally. No dry itchies and I feel so soft.Jen
RediCareDiabetic ReliefMy wife has diabedies and the associated burning skin on her back and legs. I spray on RediCare and she has instant reliefTom
RediCareSanitizerI use RediCare as a hand sanitizer rather then the wipes at the store entrenceJoan
RediCareDog Hot Spotsmy dog has short white fur and gets hot spots from the grass. I spray on RediCare and he has instant relief and the spots disappear in a few days. The trigger sprayer lets me aim for the spot and I do not have to touch him.Eve
RediCareSprayable LotionI know RediCare does a lot of things, but I just use it as a lotion that I can spray on when I feel dry. A quick spritz and a rub and I feel greatMaggie


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