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The American Organic Hustle – Understanding The Misunderstood

A customer contacted Keys Customer Service with three fundamental questions. The questions are mostly about being organic and safety as well as functionality. I have the answers, and they might not be what you think.

They Asked:

  1. I am thinking of getting Keys MetaClean Healing Soap & Shampoo, it says there is >85% organic content, what is the rest that is not organic in this shampoo?

2. When you list on the right the vitamins/actions, are you indicating that the actual ingredient is providing those vitamins, for example, Avocado Oil gives Retinol vitamin or is Retinol separate from the Avocado Oil?

3. What is it in here that can be unsafe for some individuals since it is not complete 0 on safe scale

Read my answers in our latest article on Clean Green Cafe.

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Did You Know?

Galleyon Antibacterial Foaming Soap is Now Supercharged

Galleyon Natural Antibacterial Foaming Soap has been a cornerstone of Keys for near 15 years. Galleyon is an alternative to soaps that contained Triclosan. Unlike antibacterial soaps, it is not a biocide, so it does not kill our skin’s natural Probiome. It reduces the levels of harmful bacteria without harming the natural colonies of bacteria on our skin. Galleyon is now supercharged! Try it now. [Read More]

Did You Know?

Tips – Thinning Lotions

At Keys, we receive lots of questions and this weeks dominant question deals with thinning our lotions in colder weather and to have a lighter finish. We share a few tricks in this short article. [Read More]

Keys Articles

May is Melanoma Awareness Month at Keys

It is 20 years since I was diagnosed and cured of Melanoma. May is melanoma awareness month and It is time to get wise and become in charge of your own skin health. Melanoma prevention saves lives. Please take some time to read my 2015 Melanoma Awareness Month message. Wendy Steele [Read More]

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Keys Testimonials

We have installed a new testimonial system to help other discover what our Keys products have done for others. Please submit anything that you feel will help people achieve relief for their conditions and disorders. Thanks! [Read More]